Bangladesh has been forced to enter the wet field!

When the game started again after the rain, was there any objection to the field of Bangladesh? DLS's new target, the wet ground at Adelaide Oval - was he at all willing to take the field at that time, objecting to something. Or Bangladesh has been forced to enter the field by force!

India vs Bangladesh Live T20 Match

Although Shakib repeatedly avoided the issue, it is known that Shakib was not in favor of resuming the game at that time due to the field being wet. A source in the team said that the ground was not yet fit for play. That is what Shakib wanted the umpires to understand. At that time, he was not willing to enter the field again.

Not to speak against the umpire's decision. Their decision is final in the game. Especially once the decision is made, it is customary to keep quiet about it. Shakib also did not open his mouth for this reason. In the press conference, he avoided the topic every time.

Once he even said, 'Do I have the power to convince the umpires to do something?' He also said that there is nothing to complain about the decision of the umpires. There may be another reason for not complaining.

The new target that was given to Bangladesh in the DLS system was relatively simpler than the original target. Most teams would have won such a match. But Bangladesh could not do that.

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