Bangladesh still has a chance to play in the semi-finals!

After yesterday's loss against India, the Tigers' hopes of playing in the semis have become very difficult But hope is not over yet Since no one in Group-2 has yet confirmed the semi-finals, Shakib Al Hasan's team also has a chance to equalize.

Bangladesh still has a chance to play in the semi-finals

• See if Bangladesh can go to semis in two equations-

Equation — 1

If South Africa lose to Pakistan and the Netherlands on November 3 and November 6, the Proteas' points will be 5. This time if Bangladesh can beat Pakistan on November 6, then Shakib's team will get the semi tickets with 6 points.

If Proteas win one or both matches then-

Equation — 2

For this reason, we have to look forward to the victory of Zimbabwe in the India-Zimbabwe match on November 6. Then India will have 6 points. If Bangladesh can beat Pakistan by a big margin on November 6, then Bangladesh will go to the semi-finals with 6 points and more run rate. Then India will be left out.

But whatever the equation, Bangladesh must win against Pakistan on November 6. Shakib needs to win by big runs keeping in mind not only the win but also the run rate. However, if South Africa wins any match and India wins against Zimbabwe, India and South Africa will go to the semi without any draw.

India is currently at the top of Group B with 6 points from 4 matches (Run rate +0.746), South Africa is second with 5 points after 3 matches (Run rate +2.772) and Bangladesh is third with 4 points after 4 matches (Run rate -1.282).

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