Zimbabwe did not play on wet ground, Bangladesh was forced

South Africa were on course for a convincing win against Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe did not agree to play on a wet field knowing their defeat was certain. Due to which the match was abandoned.

Bangladesh was forced

Chasing 64 runs in 7 overs that day, South Africa was on the way to victory by picking up 51 runs in 3 overs. Only 13 runs were needed off 24 balls at the end. It rained again before the start of the fourth over.

After some time the rain stopped. The match officials wanted to restart the game. But the Zimbabwean team management did not agree to play on the pretext that the players may get injured on the wet field. Due to which the match was declared abandoned. South African coach Mark Boucher expressed his anger after the match was abandoned.

Bangladesh was on course to win the rain-hit match against India in Adelaide, Australia on Wednesday. Chasing 185 runs, the Tigers scored 66 runs in 7 overs before the rain.

By Duckworth-Lewis-Stern method, Bangladesh needed 49 runs at that time. Shakib was leading by 17 runs. The field was wet due to rain. Bangladesh would have won if they did not play on a wet field.

A loss against Bangladesh would have made it difficult for India to play in the semi-finals of the ongoing eighth edition of the T20 World Cup. That is why the Bangladesh team is forced to play on a wet field.

Shakib Al Hasan was seen talking to the umpires in front of the dressing room when the umpires set Bangladesh's new target of 151 runs in 16 overs using the DLS method after the game was stopped for 52 minutes due to rain.

Indian captain Rohit Sharma was also present there. Shakib seemed to be unhappy about something in the conversation with the umpires. Rohit tried to calm Shakib down with his hand on his back.

When Shakib returned to the dugout, he was surrounded by his teammates and coaching staff. Shakib was holding his head with both hands and saying something to them.

At the end of the match, according to the team management sources, Shakib wanted to convince the umpires that the field was still wet. Playing on this field is risky. But the umpires had no choice but to accept the decision.

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